Hello, my name is Chris Schnacky and I have been working in the digital realm for the past 12 years. During that time I have worked as a programmer, designer, marketer and ultimately project manager. Being the type of person who is always looking to grow, learn and tap into my creative side, the digital realm is a place I naturally feel at home.

Working closely with stakeholders and clients is an added benefit to being a project manager. Surrounding myself with the energy of knowledgeable and creative professionals working together towards a solution is always exciting. For me that level of cross-team collaboration is one of the most important aspects of work culture.

One of my project management core tenets is ensuring clients and stakeholders are partners. I work to do this through consistent delivery but more importantly through personable communication, listening and valuing their input.

Outside of work and Microsoft Excel, I am always buried in a personal art project that usually involves large amounts of scope creep. I am also a Portland native who fits the cliches of loving the outdoors, not owning an umbrella and who stops functioning well when the temperature climbs above 80.